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Tobit Software : la version 8

The range of products in version 8 consists of four basic software based on the same architecture. The different technologies used - from email to integrated telephone and Internet technologies - make these products the benchmark today.

-Products for small to medium companies : Faxware, David SL

Centralises and organises information. With Faxware and David SL, all the communication in your company will be efficiently managed: emails, faxes, voice messages and SMS...

-Products for large accounts : FaxWare, David XL et David MX

With Tobit software, exchanging information is faster and better organised with more efficient coordination between the different departments in your company. And where there's speed, there's efficiency...

FaxWare, David SL and David XL and MX are software from the DvISE range. Depending on the products you use, different options and technologies are available. Tobit Software guarantees reliable, high quality products without exception. With Tobit Software, you'll always make the right choice.


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