On becoming a retailer, you will benefit from...

  • Preferential rates
  • Tools to help you sell
  • Free professional support
  • Free personalised training days on Unified Messaging system
  • Regular news updates and updates on seminar dates and press releases

This service will allow you to...

  • complete your Internet service package and offer a practical and innovative system to your clients
  • commercialise an email account based on powerful software
  • regularly increase your income

 The advantages of Unified Messaging System for your clients

  • 24h/24 7/7 access to all their email. They can, for example, listen to their emails by telephone, manage their own meetings and commercial contacts with an integrated memory jogger and address book…and many other services that will allow you to be better than your competitors!
  • A single inbox for all communication (their "virtual office")
  • They will have just a single number for both fax and voice messages to give to their clients
  • Complete confidentiality: all their messages will only be accessible to the user

What are the advantages for you ?

  • Regular income without initial investment and no risk
  • A communication tool for you (your Activmail gateway)
  • Payment for outgoing communications from your clients (fax, SMS)
  • Enhanced client loyalty thanks to you proposing them an innovative, complete, value-added system. For TOTAL control, this service can be sold under your brand name et by you alone! Please see application form below

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